Battery Powered GPS Tracker

 30 Second Installation

 Size: 2.0 x 1.0 x 0.5 inches

 Weight: 0.5lbs

 Weather Resistant

 Maximum Sensitivity

 Operating Temp: -20C~+55C

 Standby Time : +1 week

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SageTracker is shipped fully programmed and ready to use.  Itís small size and† stealth design make it suitable for a variety of assets.


SageTracker is designed to endure the demands of law enforcement, private investigators, and security specialists.   


We are constantly evaluating the different technology options in the marketplace, and only the best become part of our product line. 

SageTracker is a rugged, weather resistant, battery powered GPS tracking device specifically designed for covert tracking applications.  Since 2004, SageTracker has been a name that Private Investigators and Law Enforcement services alike rely upon to provide them with high quality, professional-grade equipment.  To start tracking, simply install the device into the vehicle or equipment to be tracked.† SageTracker will automatically update itís location via the World Tracking Solutions web-based tracking system, accessible from any web browser.

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SageTracker is a product of Sageplan Inc. and is distributed exclusively by World Tracking Solutions.



Since 2004, Sageplan has been a leader in innovative† solutions in the field of GPS Tracking, Fleet Monitoring, and Fleet† Management.



World Tracking Solutions offers a variety of† web-based GPS Tracking and Fleet Monitoring systems designed to meet the needs of† a wide range of consumer, industrial, and government applications.



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SageTracker Covert GPS Tracking

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